Michael AvilezProgram Director

    My name is Michael Avilez and I am the Program Director at Recovery Revelations. In my personal experience with addiction and recovery, I have faced many obstacles, everything from struggling with relapse to rehabilitation programs, detox, and hospitals. My strength has come from 12 programs and finding connections with family and friends, who support me in living a healthier sober lifestyle. My hope in recovery has been the opportunity to work on myself while being of service and being a positive contribution to my community. I’ve learned to challenge myself through perseverance, hard work, and dedication and by remaining sober, anything is possible. I now enjoy my life rather than merely exist. I am now able to be mentally, physically and spiritually fit in order to overcome obstacles in life. I’m also active physically in the gym and train Jiu-Jitsu. Through recovery, I’m able to see good in humankind and have empathy towards people. I believe everyone deserves as many chances as it takes to be happy in their lives.