Zach TinnellExecutive Chef
    My name is Chef Zach Tinnell and I will be the one preparing all of your nutrient-dense meals! It is my job to nourish you throughout your stay with us. I have worked in some of the top restaurants in the nation, and my greatest joy is to prepare not only meals but a culinary experience for you.
    Addiction runs deep in my bloodline as well… I lost my little brother, mother, and sister all due to drug/alcohol-related incidents. I myself have battled addiction for the greater part of my life… Through my years of battling my own addiction, I found how necessary food is for detoxing and sustained recovery. Once I found the miracle of micronutrient-dense food and how much it helps the body and mind, I was hooked. From then on I made a pact to myself to find the most nutrient-dense foods and turn them into exquisite entrees for my family, friends and now you… While you’re here and before you leave, I promise to do my best to make you feel your greatest, inside and out.