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Individualized Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction can be a complicated condition that is manifested by using substances despite harmful consequences.

People who have an addiction have a focus on using certain substances, such as drugs or alcohol, and it can get to the point where it takes over their life. Addicts will keep using, even though they know it is causing problems. Addiction doesn’t only just affect the individual, but also the family members and loved ones who surround the individual.

Those who suffer from addiction may be aware they have a problem, but may not be able to stop it even if they tried. Those with an addiction or substance abuse disorder have changes in the brain wiring that cause the intense cravings for their substance of choice and make it hard to stop. Imaging studies show that these changes are in areas of the brain that are related to decision-making, behavioral control, memory, and learning.

The substances that are taken do even more harmful damage to the brain function. These changes can last long after the immediate effects of the alcohol or drug have worn off.

Start by forgiving yourself, then learn to love yourself. You deserve nothing less.

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Types of Addiction Treatment

There are treatment options available. If the addiction is serious and requires more treatment, an inpatient drug rehab program may be the best choice. However, the first step in the treatment process is the recognition of the problem. The treatment may never be successful if the person denies having a problem.

Oftentimes, an intervention is the first step that prompts treatment. Since addiction affects so many different aspects of a person’s life, there are multiple types of treatment that are usually required. A health professional first conducts a thorough assessment of symptoms to see what treatment options can work. Usually, a combination of medications and therapy is used and is the most effective. Medications can help control the drug cravings and relieve symptoms of withdrawal. Therapy helps addicts understand motivations and behavior and develop strategies to help with stress and other mental health problems. Individualized treatment is preferred so that there can be treatment for any co-occurring psychiatric conditions that can help improve recovery chances.


Types of Treatment Services


Signs + Symptoms of Addiction

Symptoms of addiction can be grouped into four categories. These categories are:

Impaired Control

Impaired control symptoms include a strong urge to use a substance, but there are failed attempts to control it. 

Social Problems

Social problems can include failure at work, home, or school

Risky Use

Those who are looking to get their next fix may participate in risky behaviors in order to get it.

Drug Effects

There is also a tolerance built up to the drug over time and addicts will need larger amounts of the drug in order to achieve the same high they are used to.

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Our Treatment Program Defined

We know that the 12-step process isn’t a solution for everyone. Sharing in group settings or being triggered by other stories are very real pitfalls that we have experienced and address in our process.

Our 1-on-1 attention allows our clients and counselors to create a real bond that fosters trust, safety, and security. In addition to the 24/7 access to counselors, we provide formal sessions 4 – 5 times per week through which we guide our clients through their Revelation of bringing to light suppressed events or trauma. Only after we understand the root of one’s addiction are we able to address it and begin the healing process.

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Recovery Revelations offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment services for those in the San Gabriel Valley & beyond. Our goal is to treat the mind, body + spirit of those suffering from the disease of addiction, in a holistic + healing environment.

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