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From 2019-2020, the most commonly abused substance by individuals who sought addiction treatment in San Bernardino County was opiates. This was followed by cocaine, alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs, respectively. <br><br>
The use of opioids is a concern across the country due to the presence of fentanyl in illicit drugs. Narcan is an opioid reversal medication that can be used in the event of an opioid overdose. Individuals who are overdosing on fentanyl may not be responsive to the use of Narcan, which can lead to a fatal overdose. <br><br>
Recovery Revelations is a San Bernardino County addiction treatment center offering comprehensive San Gabriel Valley aftercare recovery programs. With a variety of outpatient treatment options, Recovery Revelations can provide you with support and assistance during various phases of your recovery. To learn more about our outpatient treatment options, we invite you to call (866) 990-0875 today!

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What is Aftercare?

Aftercare is commonly available as an outpatient treatment option. While aftercare can look different among treatment providers, the general theme is that aftercare programs provide you with an ongoing source of support. Aftercare can include group and individual therapy.

Aftercare is different from other forms of outpatient treatment. For example, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs are intensive forms of outpatient treatment that include longer group sessions and more frequent sessions. 

Aftercare treatment is less intensive than other outpatient treatment options. This means that the group sessions are shorter and may occur as few as once a week. Aftercare programming is designed to fit into your schedule, which means that you can engage in your regular work schedule or other daily responsibilities. 

If you have completed an inpatient rehab program, PHP, or IOP, addiction recovery aftercare programming may be a good fit for you. Aftercare treatment would allow you to remain connected to a treatment facility with group or individual sessions. To learn more about how Recovery Revelations aftercare programming can support you, call (866)990-0875.


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The role of aftercare

What is the Role of Aftercare in Recovery?

Aftercare programming can provide you with a valuable source of support in your recovery. This form of outpatient treatment can be used long-term, which means that you can rely on your treatment facility for support through expected and unexpected life challenges. 

Aftercare programming can include group and or individual therapy and can be continuously altered to address your needs. As an example, if you find yourself struggling with cravings or other concerns, you can add in more group or individual sessions to receive extra support during this time. Similarly, if you are making notable progress, you may decide that decreasing the frequency of your sessions is helpful.

For individuals who are living with other mental health concerns, aftercare programming can provide you with continued treatment. If you receive medications for your mental health, or to support your recovery, you may have access to continued medication-assisted treatment. 

Addiction aftercare in San Bernardino County is available at Recovery Revelations. Recovery Revelations utilizes a holistic approach in our treatment options which looks at the different areas of your life that were impacted by your addiction. This allows you to focus on your life as a whole, rather than your addiction alone. To learn more about the aftercare program available at Recovery Revelations, call (866) 990-0875 now!


What Does Aftercare Entail?

Aftercare can look different for everyone. Aftercare programming typically includes group therapy, individual therapy, specialized treatment groups, dual-diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. 

What your treatment plan entails will depend on your needs. As you move through your recovery, you will undoubtedly experience ups and downs. When this occurs, your treatment plan can be modified to adjust your day-to-day life. 

Aftercare programming provides you with a continuous source of support in your recovery. We can prepare for some challenges; however, life is unpredictable. When you experience the unexpected, it can be comforting to know that you already have Counselors in your corner, ready to support you. 

If you have been considering Big Bear recovery aftercare, we encourage you to call (866)990-0875 to speak with a Recovery Revelations representative. Aftercare treatment programs can be tailored to your lifestyle and routine as you progress through your recovery. Call Recovery Revelations today to learn about our aftercare treatment program. 

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Are There Aftercare Programs in San Bernardino County?

Thankfully, there are a variety of addiction treatment programs in San Bernardino County. This includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. For inpatient treatment options, San Bernardino County has detoxification and residential inpatient programs. 

Outpatient treatment programs available in San Bernardino County include partial hospitalization programming, intensive outpatient programming, and aftercare treatment. 

Additionally, you have access to dual-diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment in the different treatment options available. 

Recovery Revelations offers addiction recovery aftercare programming in San Bernardino County.

To learn more about available treatment options, call (866) 990-0875.

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Our Treatment Program Defined

If you have made the decision that aftercare programming would be beneficial for your recovery, there are a few ways that you can find aftercare treatment. One way would be to talk about your substance use with your primary care physician, or other health care provider. Your provider will listen to your concern and then provide you with a treatment recommendation. Once they let you know their thoughts about what level of program you would benefit from, they can discuss local referrals. <br><br>
A second option would be to speak with your health insurance company. By speaking with a healthcare representative, you will receive a list of treatment providers that are in-network. It is important to note that your insurance provider will not be able to tell you which level of care is best for your needs. Recovery Revelations is an inpatient and outpatient rehab program in Big Bear, CA. Inpatient treatment options available include detoxification and residential treatment. Outpatient treatment options include partial hospitalization programming, intensive outpatient programming, and aftercare programming.
Recovery Revelations offer dual-diagnosis and medication-assisted treatment for individuals who struggle with other mental health concerns. For many, mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and trauma-related concerns are intertwined with their addiction. Learning how to cope with both concerns at the same time has been proven to have a positive and lasting effect on a person’s mental health and wellness. <br><br>
With our holistic view, we investigate the toll your addiction had on all areas of your life, including your mental, physical, and spiritual health. This is then incorporated into your treatment plan to ensure that we are addressing the concerns you have in your life. By doing this, you can establish a healthy and solid foundation that allows you to live a lasting and healthy life.

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If you have struggled with drugs or alcohol and are in need of some support, aftercare programming at Recovery Revelations can be a good fit for your lifestyle. Our counselors will work with you to ensure that your schedule and treatment plan are respectful of your needs and availability. The Recovery Revelations representatives are waiting to speak with you about how we can support you in your life. Call (866)990-0875 today!

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