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Partial Hospitalization Programs

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Partial Hospitalization Program

More About Partial Hospitalization at RR

Professionals view addiction as a progressive disorder. This means that if you struggle with drugs and alcohol, you will experience an array of consequences until you stop using. This can include mental health concerns, physical health concerns, damaged relationships, financial concerns, concerns at work, and new legal concerns.
For many individuals who struggle with misuse and abuse, engaging in addiction treatment can provide the necessary foundation for a healthy recovery. This is the result of educational sessions, group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and mental health treatment.

While there was a decrease in the number of substance use disorder admissions at treatment providers in San Bernardino from 2018-2019, the prevalence of substance use and misuse has prevailed.
If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, a San Bernardino PHP drug rehab program may be a good fit for you. Our PHP program will provide you with a full day of programming that includes both group and individual therapy. To learn more about our PHP program, we encourage you to call (866) 990- 0875.

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What is a PHP Program?

Partial Hospitalization Programs, also known as PHP, is a form of outpatient treatment. This program is often referred to as a day program. This is because this program mimics a full day, with hours such as 8-4 or 9-5. By engaging in a full day of treatment, you are less likely to experience boredom and are more likely to see the benefits of having your daily activities planned out. 

While you are at the treatment facility, you will engage in a variety of activities, including group therapy, individual therapy, and educational sessions. These activities aim to help you develop the knowledge and skills that will support you throughout the various stages of your recovery. Some rehab programs may include additional activities and outings to practice important life skills. 

Many partial hospitalization programs offer mental health treatment for individuals who are living with other mental health concerns. Additionally, you may have access to medication-assisted treatment, which can provide medication that supports your recovery and your mental health. 

Recovery Revelations is a PHP drug and alcohol rehab center in San Bernardino County. After meeting with our staff, you will receive an individualized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. To learn more about our PHP and other outpatient treatment options, we invite you to call (866) 990-0875 to speak with a representative today!


Types of Treatment Services

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Are There PHP Drug Rehabs in San Bernardino County?

Thankfully, San Bernardino has inpatient and outpatient treatment options available. Available inpatient treatment options include detoxification and inpatient rehab programs. 

Outpatient treatment options available in San Bernardino County include partial hospitalization programs (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and aftercare programming. 

If you are in need of a PHP drug rehab in San Bernardino, Recovery Revelations provides the ideal treatment program. With a holistic treatment model, we incorporate your mental health, physical health, and spirituality into your treatment plan. To learn more about how we can customize your treatment experience, call (866) 990- 0875 today!


What is the Difference Between Inpatient and PHP Addiction Treatment?

The key difference between inpatient and PHP rehab programs is that you are able to live at home in a PHP program. Inpatient rehab programs require that you live at the treatment facility while participating in their program. 

You may benefit from living in a sober home or halfway house if you have an unhealthy or unsupportive home environment. If this is something you feel would support your recovery, your treatment provider can help you find local housing options. 

With that being said, there are similarities between PHP and inpatient rehab programs. Both treatment options provide you with a full day of treatment which includes a variety of activities, including group therapy, individual therapy, and educational sessions. Both treatment options fall into the intensive category because of the amount of time spent in programming each day. 

Recovery Revelations is the ideal PHP drug rehab in San Bernardino County. With our idyllic views, you will feel comfortable and relaxed within our walls. This allows you to focus on your treatment and be fully present. Call (866) 990-0875 to speak with a representative today!

How Can a Partial Day Program Help?

What Are the Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment Programs?

Partial hospitalization programs are a great fit for individuals who have completed an inpatient treatment program and are not ready to return to their everyday activities. Personal needs in recovery vary, and if you are not ready to return to work or your other responsibilities, sometimes being in a day program for a short time can be just what you need. 

Partial hospitalization programs can also work for individuals who need an intensive form of therapy and are unable to attend an inpatient rehab program for personal reasons. For example, if someone is unable to find proper childcare, they can attend treatment during the day, avoiding disruptions to their children’s schedules. 

Partial hospitalization programs provide a full day of programming, ideal for individuals struggling with boredom. Participating in a full day of programming can accustom you to filling your day with planned activities, which can help decrease the number of triggers you experience.

Similar to other addiction rehab programs, partial hospitalization programs give you an opportunity to practice social skills that may be challenging for you. This can include effective communication, accepting feedback and support, setting boundaries, and listening. 

If you have been struggling with the use of drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from a San Bernardino PHP drug rehab. PHP programs will provide you with a structured day that focuses on your recovery and promotes healing. Call (866) 990-0875 to speak with a representative about how we can support you in your recovery!

Recovery Revelations provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Our outpatient treatment options include a partial hospital program, an intensive outpatient program, and aftercare programming. This allows you to receive a continuum of care during the various stages of your recovery.

Being mindful of the prevalence of mental health concerns, we offer dual-diagnosis treatment within all of our treatment programs. This supports research showing that individuals who receive care for both concerns at the same time have a higher chance of being successful in their recovery.

With a holistic approach, we consider your mental health, physical health, and spirituality when developing your treatment plan. As you progress through your recovery, your treatment plan will be modified to reflect your progress and identify new goals.

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Recovery Revelations Provides PHP Drug Rehab Services in San Bernardino County

If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, it may feel as though you are on this uphill climb alone. The professionals at Recovery Revelations can provide you with the support, encouragement, and compassion that you deserve in your recovery. Call (866) 990-0875 today to speak with a representative today about our treatment options.

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