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Addiction is one of the most pressing issues facing the modern healthcare system today. When someone is looking for an effective treatment of addiction, this can be a challenging process. There are a lot of questions that people have about the search. Some people might not know what happens during rehab and others might not know exactly what they are looking for. This is where a guide to the rehab process can be helpful.

An Overview of the Structure of Rehab Programs

Typically, rehab programs are designed to last a least a month. There are both inpatient and outpatient establishments. An inpatient program can last anywhere from 30 days to 90 days with plenty of other lengths of stay in between. There are several factors that the doctor or therapist is going to think about when deciding how long someone needs to stay. In some cases, the length of stay is determined by the type of addiction. In other cases, it might be determined by the severity and the individual’s past history. Other people have mental health disorders that might lengthen the required length of stay. When someone is at a treatment center, the professionals are going to take into account the person’s emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual requirements. There are multiple types of treatment programs. Some people invest in a private office rehab program whereas others might be looking for a residential facility or a hospital.

Access to Electronics at the Facility

One of the most common questions people have is about their access to electronics. This time is meant for people to focus on their recovery process. Therefore, electronics time is often limited. Furthermore, most people’s use of electronics is going to be monitored by a trained professional who works there. As far as electronics people can bring with them, they typically are not allowed; however, some people are more accustomed to working with trained professionals who need to keep up with their work. In that setting, there are typically exceptions or alternative arrangements made so that people can log in and keep up with their work. It is important for everyone to clarify these arrangements before agreeing to attend a certain facility.

Phone and Internet Access

When someone is a client at a residential inpatient facility, there will be limited phone and internet access during the week. This is meant to give people an opportunity to interact with family members and friends in the outside world. Once the detox process is complete, it is important for people to reach out and interact with family members and friends. Sometimes, family members will even be able to come and visit people at the facility. Loved ones will be able to receive guidance from trained professionals during this process so they can heal as well.

Entertainment During Inpatient Addiction Treatment 

Some facilities provide resources such as DVR, cable TV, satellite TV, and even Netflix. Other facilities are a bit stricter and might not even provide WiFi. If someone is interested in these added benefits during their inpatient stay, they need to ask about it. Some residential facilities have multiple plasma TVs that offer a variety of programming that people can enjoy while others are far more limited in what they offer. It is crucial for everyone to inquire about this before they agree to attend.

Getting Ready to Leave

When someone is getting ready to leave the inpatient facility, it is important to make arrangements on the outside. In order to prevent a relapse from happening, it is important to make changes in someone’s social habits and social history. This will take a lot of time and energy to develop healthier behaviors and habits that will be able to replace the ones that led to addiction in the first place. Inpatient rehab is only the first step or many on the road to recovery. A strong aftercare plan is going to be critical for maintaining the progress that was made on the inpatient side. With a solid plan that has been tailored to meet someone’s individual needs, a new, sober life awaits someone on the outside world. This also requires the support of family members and friends.

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