What To Do When You Hit Rock Bottom In Addiction

 In Addiction Treatment

Everyone around you knows that you have reached the bottom of the barrel in life due to your addiction. You are even aware that things have never been this bad. You want to seek addiction treatment so that you can be on the other side of this condition that has ruined your life and the lives of those you love the most. There is, however, much about addiction recovery that remains a mystery. What should you do when you have reached rock bottom with your addiction? Reading this article is the first step in the right direction.

You know that your addiction is bad

Many who are addicted to drugs and alcohol convince themselves that they are still in charge. “I can quit whenever I get ready,” some say. “This is only to get me through a rough patch,” others may reason. The reality is that drug and alcohol abuse changes the chemical makeup of the body. You, in other words, cannot quit on your own even if you had the strongest of wills.

Understanding that your addiction is bad is the first step to getting the help that you need. It is not until you are willing to admit that you have a problem that addiction treatment can be effective. Of course, knowing that you have a problem is not enough to get you to the other side, which is addiction recovery. You also need a plan that helps you move beyond your present state and into a better life.

Consider your treatment options

There is no fix-all when it comes to addiction and treatment. Every individual is different and, thus, the measures of treatment must vary. Some patients benefit greatly from drug detox. In such a program, the individual is stripped of the addictive substance to break the cycle of chemical dependency. Some are afraid of drug detox because of reports of severe withdrawal symptoms. The reality, however, is that withdrawals are manageable as long as there is a skilled professional to help you through the process.

Many patients enter support groups that keep them accountable after going through drug detox sessions. These groups are not meant to shame those in recovery but, rather, designed to encourage patients to keep striving towards sober living.

Some believe that support groups are highly effective because of the sense of community that individuals feel. It is not always difficult to let yourself down during the beginning stages of recovery. Disappointing a group of people who are cheering for you to re-establish your life, however, may not be so easy. Such is especially true when these individuals have gone through addiction recovery as well. The mere fact that they are on the other side provides a boost of encouragement.

Ask for help

Of course, you can admit that you have a problem and need help. You may even call rehabilitation centers to ask questions about their programs. It is not until you actually ask for help, however, that you can receive the addiction treatment needed to get you on the path of sober living.

Asking for help may seem like the easiest part of the process. There are many suffering with addictions who never take this step, though. Seeking assistance with your addiction means that you are going public with your struggle. You are bringing strangers into the situation who are not necessarily concerned with the false rhetoric of you have it all together. Skilled specialists know that you need help and are willing to go beyond the barriers that you present to give you the assistance needed.

There is certainly a level of vulnerability involved when you ask for help. Taking the much-needed step, however, is the only way to start taking steps towards addiction recovery.

The staff at Recovery Revelations understand the difficulty in asking for help with your addiction. They also know what it means to be at rock bottom because of substance abuse. Recovery is dedicated to helping you find your way down the path of sobriety so that you can do greater things with your life. Call us today to get the help you want and need!

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