How Meditation is Beneficial in Sobriety

 In Sobriety Management

We have a few questions to ask you regarding your addiction?

  • Do you realize that you are a prisoner of addiction and need help?
  • Are you confused about where to go for addiction help?
  • Do you desire traditional and holistic treatment help with your addiction?
  • Are you seeking alternative addiction help?
  • Do you reside in the Inland Empire and area of Los Angeles?

Answering yes to all the above questions makes you a prime candidate for help in kicking your addiction at this award-winning 12-step traditional and alternative detox and residential inpatient treatment facility. This prime alternative detox facility, located in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles areas, has a goal of helping people targeted in this area to kick their addiction for good. Additionally, this facility offers vital inpatient and important aftercare planning services.

Individuality Necessitates all Phases of Treatment

Our experienced and dedicated staff has over 60-years of combined experience and expertise, skilled in using several methods of treatment. Treatment specifics depend wholly on your diagnosis and or disorder, which is vital in finding a successful treatment. We help to treat any underlying mental health problem such as depression.

Your plan of care is unique to you, and no one else. Our staff individualizes a particular treatment plan that works best for you, as every person is unique. Our facility and staff carry a high success rate for kicking alcoholic and drug addiction for good.

  • Our staff includes professional, reliable, and trusted treatment professionals, head physician, counselors, and chefs.
  • Our treatment facility is affordable.
  • We work with most major insurance providers.
  • We have a long record of sustainable recovery.
  • We believe in targeting aftercare when you leave our facility.
  • We incorporate highly successful Eastern and Western holistic practices.
  • We teach you that balanced nutrition is vital to addiction recovery.

Substance Abuse is Complicated and Complex

You have a uniquely different story than anyone else. You know that the consequences of these addictions are harmful, yet you, like everyone, get caught up in the effects of addiction until it takes over life.  We cannot help you unless you realize that you desperately need help to overcome your addiction for good. The reason why you need help is that you cannot control or stop your addiction because it is due to chemical changes in your brain that make stopping so tricky.

Those with an addiction abuse disorder, have changes in the brain that make it hard to stop an addiction. Imaging studies show that these changes are in areas of the brain that are related to decision-making, behavioral control, memory, and learning. These substances do harmful damage to the brain’s function. These changes can last long after the immediate effects of the alcohol or drug have worn off.

Holistic Meditation and Prayer

*Traditional practices target only physical medical issues at hand.
*Holistic practices target the health and wellness of your body, your mind, and your spirit. Traditional medicine has come far over the last several years and continues to evolve. As you start your treatment, we prescribe some traditional key medications that help you as you withdraw from the drugs and or alcohol.

These traditional medications make you more comfortable and help you get through withdrawal. We show you how alternative therapies such as meditation is a vital tool during and after detox as it improves your physical, mental, and spiritual self. Do you want more control over yourself and increased insight into your problems causing addiction? You can attain these attributes through meditation, and we show you how to do this.

Meditation is a form of mental exercise that helps you fight addiction and reach a heightened level of awareness of your spirit. It is essential to set aside a time every day to meditate. Meditation proves time and again to be vital for those in recovery from addiction.

We teach you that there are many ways to meditate such as with music, in a group, by yourself, or in silence. Some methods of meditation work differently for each person. Meditation,

  • Decreases Stress
  • Deeper and improved sleep due to an increase in serotonin
  • Easier learning
  • Improved memory and much more
  • Look and feel younger
  • Experience weight reduction
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases pain
  • Increases energy
  • Improves mood, behavior, and emotional stability
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Increases a gentle calmness
  • Helps to regain focus and increase better decision-making abilities
  • Gives you a sense of inner peace and physical relaxation and so much more

Meditation trains your mind to focus, relax, and look to the successes in the future. We teach you how meditation can become a significant source of enjoyment through a new pleasure in living every day and a new appreciation of the simpler things in life in creative and unique ways.

Meditation helps you to stay off drugs through a thorough examination of your mistakes in the past. Meditation helps you to look at and realize your real character, which leads you to a better life. Meditation helps you to conquer the post-recovery effects of pain, anxiety, depression, and stressors in your life after rehabilitation.

We teach you how to rely on meditation in your everyday life to keep things from the right perspective. For example, learning pure meditation helps you to develop healthy relationships and forgive your past mistakes and find forgiveness in yourself.

Research finds concrete answers to why meditation does all of these good things. The proven proof shows a natural boost to certain chemicals in the body such as GABA, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Meditation proves to decrease Cortisol a stress hormone found in the body.

What Does Your Program Require of Me?

  • Realize and admit you have an addiction problem and you need help.
  • Submit to a thorough assessment of symptoms
  • Cooperate with therapy treatment wether group, one on one, family
  • Communicate with the staff and group individuals
  • Involve yourself in fitness and nutrition programs

Our Facility in a Nutshell

We offer the following vital program essentials.

  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Nutrition Consults
  • Exercise Plans
  • Spiritual Consults
  • Emergency and Trauma Therapy
  • Experimental Therapies
  • 12-Step Program
  • Life Skills Training
  • Medication-Assisted Administration
  • Healthy Choices
  • Emotional Balance

Access our website today for more information and give us a call today at 1-866-339-3782 for help. Do not wait one more day! Get on the road to health, fitness, wellness in body, mind, and spirit, and be free from your addiction forever.

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